Mosquito control

Mosquitoes can be a serious problem for homeowners in Palm Coast, especially since they can carry diseases such as West Nile virus and Lyme disease, which can be dangerous to both humans and pets. At Eagle Pest Solutions, effective mosquitof control is of the utmost importance, so we offer comprehensive services to protect your home from them.

Our technicians will identify potential mosquito habitats, such as standing water and areas with high vegetation, by conducting an in-depth property inspection. Once the inspection is complete, we’ll work with you to provide a treatment plan tailored to your needs and budget.

We offer various treatment methods to protect your home from mosquitoes, including:

  •  Chemical treatments, where specialized insecticides are applied to your lawn and yard to eliminate any existing mosquitoes, and to create a barrier that will help prevent new ones from entering your property.
  •  Larval control: This method targets mosquito larvae by applying a growth regulator that prevents the larvae from developing into adults.
  •  Biology control: This method uses specific insects, such as dragonflies and mosquitoes-eating fish, which prey on mosquito larvae.
  •  Traps: We may use mechanical traps in some cases to capture adult mosquitoes.

Other steps we recommend taking to reduce the mosquito population on your property include removing standing water, keeping lawns and gardens well-trimmed and mowed, and using repellents when you are outside.

Mosquito control is an ongoing process, and having inspections conducted regularly is beneficial to ensure that your property is protected against these insects. Eagle Pest Solutions will work with you to devise a mosquito management plan that works for you.

At Eagle Pest Solutions, we’re dedicated to providing our residential customers with the best service and protection against mosquito infestations. We are located in Palm Coast, FL and you can reach us at (555) 555-5555 or by email at

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