Hornet and Wasp Control

Hornets and wasps can be a serious problem for homeowners. Their stings can be painful, and in some cases, even dangerous. At Eagle Pest Solutions, we understand the importance of effective hornet and wasp control and offer services to protect your home from these pests.

Our hornet and wasp control process begins with an inspection of your property to identify potential nesting areas, such as eaves, attics, and trees, and areas where hornets and wasps are commonly found, such as near outdoor dining areas and trash cans. Once the inspection is complete, we’ll provide you with a detailed report of our discoveries and a treatment plan customized for you to eliminate any active infestations and prevent future hornet and wasp problems.

We offer various treatment options to protect your home from hornets and wasps, but our most popular methods are:

1. Treatments, where specialized insecticides are applied to the nests and surrounding areas to eliminate any existing hornets and wasps and prevent new ones from nesting.
2. Physical removal of the nest and trapping the wasps and hornets in the nest before treating.

In addition to our hornet and wasp control services, we also recommend taking steps to reduce the hornet and wasp population on your property by removing food sources, such as sugary drinks and open trash cans, and reducing the presence of flowering plants that attract insects, which serve as food for hornets and wasps.

At Eagle Pest Solutions, we’re dedicated to providing our residential customers with the best service and protection against hornet and wasp infestations. We are located in Palm Coast, FL and you can reach us at (386) 445-7414 or by email at [email protected].

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